Discussing with all the associated composers, performers and any sort of rights holders, we decided to fuel the music culture by sharing partial use rights of all our creative works on our catalogues for general DJ work/performance without licensing charges for this moment 🙂

This includes 2 rights.

  • General Performing Rights (partial): this includes playing our tracks in your live performance, on radio or in any event.
  • General Copy Rights (partial): this includes creating secondary works with noticeable modifications, such as sampling, remixing (significantly) and covers.


  • Any illegal download or recording of our creative works.
  • Any commercial use of the exact copies of our creative works .
  • Any commercial use of copies of our creative works with only minor modifications (modifications on secondary works have to be obvious and noticeable for everyone).

If you wish to do compiling our creative works into your commercial albums, creating a remix version with only subtle changes, or any other commercial activities that apply above, please contact for individual contract.

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